6 Steps One Channel Champion Took To More Than Double Their Number Of Partners In A Single Year!

Posted On June 21st, 2019
IT By Design Breakout Speaking Session

Kam Attwal-Kaila, President of IT By Design Breakout Speaking Session
2019 IT Sales & Marketing Boot Camp

“Who is IT By Design and what do we stand for?”

The answer to that question is what Kam Attwal-Kaila, President of IT By Design, said was the main driver behind their growth in 2019 where they are set to more than double the number of partners they work with.

In a recent interview Kam said there were six main drivers behind the growth of the company and their partners success, but at the top of the list was to get their messaging clear.

“We realized we needed to define our message around our core product if we were going to cut through the noise in the industry. We had to make sure people know IT By Design has talent solutions.”

Step two was a clear definition of their ideal customer as well as knowing who was NOT ideal so they didn’t spend resources and energy on those markets. “We found we needed to target companies that were more mature and that were humble, hungry and smart!”

Third, they focused on a “give-first” model that helped them be a recipient of the “Evolve 2018 Influencer of the Year” award.

Fourth, Kam said, “We also aim to be clear and concise about our products.” This couples nicely with the overall objective about who IT BY Design is as a whole but she stated the importance of taking that down to a product level, so the partners and clients can instantly identify what it is they need and know that something’s a match.

Fifth was to create a simple closing process. “We wanted to make it easy for partners to sign up and hit the ground running.”

Finally, they made sure to follow up with an immediate response to applications and questions. They want to give immediate and full support to their partners.

When asked how they’re handling this triple-digit growth given that they are in the “talent” business, Kam said, “We are ALWAYS interviewing! We need to interview about 500 candidates just to get 30 who we are happy with placing as quality is of the highest concern. We never stop that process.”

So clarity of concept, customer, products and sales process combined with the ‘give-first’ model and quick response is the recipe for success in 2019 and beyond.

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