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Want To Engage With Over 1,100 Decisive, High-Quality IT Services Business Owners Who Are Looking For Your Services?

There is no industry conference that matches the caliber, content or value available in the 4 days of the IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp. No boring speakers or subjects at this event; everything is staged to educate, motivate and equip IT business owners to make 2019 their best year ever and continue to grow their business.

Partnering with Technology Marketing Toolkit for the 2019 IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp extends the opportunity for your company to connect with – and sell to – a targeted audience of over 1,100 IT business owners who are willing to invest their time and money to attend and learn how to grow their business.

Why Sponsor An Event?

Here’s What Our Past Sponsors Have To Say About Our Events

“Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Boot Camp Is Absolutely One Of Our Favorites”

“We do a lot of shows – we will do somewhere in the range of 100 shows globally this year, and Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Boot Camp is absolutely one of our favorites. The SMB market is a very important market for IT Glue. We are having some fantastic conversations with some great business owners, and it has been a really fun show.”

Dave Goldie IT Glue October 31, 2017

“Can’t Wait To Come Back Next Year”

“The quality of the partners here at the Robin Robins Boot Camp is great, and the response to Auvik’s network infrastructure RMM has been amazing. We’ve been having so many excellent conversations and can’t wait to come back next year.”

Jacqui Murphy Auvik October 31, 2017

“Boot Camp Has Been A Phenomenal Show For Both Ruby and Me”

“I just have to say the Boot Camp has been a phenomenal show for both Ruby and me. I have seen the most customers ever come up to the booth to chat with me and tell me how much they love our service. Robin Robins does a great job not only of explaining the value behind answering the phone, but providing a consistently memorable experience on the phone. Robin Robins, you are phenomenal and I really appreciate all the work – and I have had a great time at your Boot Camp!”

Austin Lindsey Ruby Receptionists October 31, 2017

“We Have Been Sponsoring Robin Robins For 3 Years Now. Every Year We Increase Our Sponsorship Because Of The High-Quality Leads We Get”

“The leads we get are excellent. We are able to turn many of them into partners and we also meet lots of existing partners within this organization. These events are always extremely well run, with minimal wasted time. One of the things we really like is that all the vendors are presented on equal footing, everyone’s displays are the same size.”

Patrick Felicetta Secure Now! October 31, 2017

“If Robin Yost Calls You, RETURN HER CALL!”

“I wish we would have made the decision to sponsor this event two years ago! Never before have we had this much success or such an immediate, positive response to our offer. This was our first event with Technology Marketing Toolkit and it delivered FAR more than we expected.”

Ryan Goodman ConnectBooster October 31, 2017

Here Are Just A Few Of The Companies Who’ve Partnered With Us

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