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If You’ve Sponsored Other Events, I’m Sure You’ve Had A Less Than Stellar Experience. Therefore, Here’s How We’re Different Than Many Other Events:

  • We are NOT a “techie” event where everyone there is an employee that can’t make a decision, and has to go home and ask their “mommy” or “daddy” for permission to buy. Our events attract C-Level decision makers and business owners.
  • We DON’T shove our sponsors into a separate room in the far corner of the hotel so the attendees have to search you out. You will be placed right in the middle of the action so you are easily able to talk with the attendees.
  • You are NOT treated like a second class citizen, forced to fend for yourself. Our sponsor team will be on hand at the event helping you every step of the way, including PRE event training and consulting on how to maximize the ROI of your event, as well as assistance on-site for anything you need.
  • We do NOT inflate the number of attendees. If we say there’s 100 in the room, you can bet there’s 100 in the room.
  • This is NOT a cookie cutter “take it or leave it” sponsorship approach. We offer lots of different packages for many different budgets and will help design a custom sponsorship package that works best for you and your goals.

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