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Matt Egan

“We Have Seen An Incredible Boost In Sales Since Sponsoring Robin Robins’ Events”

“I’m blown away. We have seen an incredible boost in sales since sponsoring Robin Robins’ events. But the thing that strikes me is that we are consistently talking to our ideal prospects at these events and it’s never a waste of time. Prospects who are educated, hungry to grow, and willing to make an investment in their success are frequently found at Robin’s events. Not only that, the support from Robin’s team is incredible. They really go above and beyond with sponsors both organizationally and logistically to work with them for a positive outcome. I strongly give my recommendation to anyone thinking about being a sponsor.”

Matt Egan Infusionsoft October 25, 2018

Marc Haskelson

“This Is One Of Our Most Successful Events”

“I have to admit, I spend a lot of time doing trade shows and different events, and this is one of our most successful events. While I was on stage speaking, we actually had people emailing us directly asking to subscribe to our services.  I could not recommend any more highly, the benefits of being here and actually being proactive and speaking live and really making use of what is the Robin Robins community. We find a lot of the folks are working together, they are sharing the benefits of what they are learning at these events and ultimately, serving their end clients better. I highly recommend a sponsoring position or at least taking a booth.”

Marc Haskelson Compliancy Group October 24, 2018

Dana Liedholm

“We Close Sales On The Spot – Best Show We Do All Year!”

“Boot Camp is the best show that we do all year. It has the right people in the right mindset to implement new cyber security strategies, and that makes our job easier. When they come to our booth, they’re ready to get started with us. We take home plenty of leads, but we close a lot on the spot, which is what we hope for.

Between the pre-marketing done on the Technology Marketing Toolkit website and the way Robin talks to the audience about the vendors -specifically about how the different products work together – there’s no comparison to the support we receive. It’s a great show.”

Dana Liedholm ID Agent June 4, 2018

Kim Walsh-Phillips

“The Most Profitable Show We’ve Ever Done!”

“When you get the endorsement of Robin and Technology Marketing Toolkit, the selling is done for you. We have never, ever been to an event before that’s this good. It’s full of engaged attendees there to learn and buy. They’re not skipping out to go sight-seeing – even my 7:30 a.m. presentation was full!

Not only have we acquired new clients, we’ve also created relationships with other vendors that are becoming incredibly profitable – this is the most profitable show we have ever done.

The team at Technology Marketing Toolkit makes it so easy. They do a great job promoting the event, giving you information before you have to ask, helping out and treating you like gold. An incredible experience!”

Kim Walsh-Phillips Elite Digital Group June 4, 2018

Art Gross, Secure Now

Cynthia Schreiner, Liongard

Dana Liedholm, ID Agent

Erin Shaw Crowley, Barracuda MSP

Jeff Zaba, Connectwise

Kam Attwal-Kaila, IT By Design