Marketing Implementation Roadshow
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What Is Our Marketing Implementation Roadshow?

Our Marketing Implementation Roadshow is a 5-city tour focused on bringing in 750 of our clients (MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, solution providers, cloud integrators, etc.) for a 1½-day deep dive on marketing, sales process and business development.

What Is The Focus Of The Roadshow?

For the last 2 years, there’s been a heavy focus on cyber security. This year, there will still be a strong theme of cyber security, however we’ll be focusing more of our content on the IMPLEMENTATION of the following:

  • Marketing systems and sales strategies for prospecting new accounts
  • Selling deeper into existing accounts (cross selling, upselling)
  • CRM and database management
  • Lead generation

Who Attends?

In previous years, we’ve had 750-850 MSPs, MSSPs, VARs and IT services firms register – an average of 160 per show. Because it was so well-received and attended, we’re doing it again…but this time, we’re opening up more sponsorship opportunities since attendees repeatedly told us they LOVED having the sponsors there.

The Easiest Way To Get Your Products And Services Promoted To 750 Of The IT Industry’s Most Productive, Sales-Driven And Fastest-Growing Resellers

Are you tired of dealing with disengaged, unproductive resellers who make zero effort to grow and drive sales, yet constantly complain and do nothing but hang around sucking up precious resources? Would you like to (finally) get in front of more growth-oriented resellers who not only know how to drive sales, but are also easy to work with, appreciative of what you do for them and put their own “skin” in the game?

7 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Sponsor The 2019 Marketing Implementation Roadshow

  1. Every person in attendance has paid a considerable amount of their own money to be a client of mine; they will NOT be paid or compensated to attend. They will also be coming to LEARN, not to get a free “paid vacation.” Obviously the people who attend this conference are far more committed and serious about growing their business and becoming a better entrepreneur.
  2. We attract C-level decision makers. Because our event is focused on marketing and selling, we naturally attract the business OWNER, not their technical team. They have the budget and the authority to spend it.
  3. These resellers are dedicated to learning how to be better business owners, salespeople and marketers. I’m sure you provide a number of tools, training and resources to your resellers – so you should know firsthand that UNLESS the reseller is committed to improving themselves and their business, all the tools and resources in the world (no matter how great they are) will have a zero-sum impact. YOUR goal is to look for partners who are ready and willing to invest in themselves and then match them with the tools and training you have – and that’s why you want to get access to the folks at THIS event.
  4. These business owners are HUNGRY for new products and services to sell and bring in new sales; that is why they are coming to the conference in the first place. But unlike those who attend techie conferences that appeal to hobbyists, the audience at my conference takes an aggressive approach to sales and marketing because I’ve personally trained them to think that way. I’ve also given them the tools and coaching they need to actually make it happen.
  5. You’ll gain the benefits of a live “Roadshow” for selling your products and services without the costs, logistics, marketing challenges and risk. The people who show up are DRAMATICALLY easier to talk to about your company because they aren’t being distracted by the chaos going on in their office and aren’t hiding behind e-mail, voice mail and gatekeepers.
  6. The folks who attend are doers – NOT whiners. I do not tolerate negative attitudes or behaviors from my clients. They know that that type of behavior will result in immediate termination from my program. That’s why the folks you’ll meet at this event are far more pleasant to work with; I’ve already sifted, sorted and screened out the ungrateful whiners and chronic complainers.
  7. We are limiting the number of sponsors per event. Plus your booth will be directly in the flow of attendee traffic. That means you won’t be lost in a sea of vendors, fighting for each attendee’s attention.

2 More EXTREMELY Important Points To Remember

#1. Getting face-to-face with your potential reseller prospects is, without a doubt, the single best way to sell them on being a partner of yours. At these events, you’ll be able to gain access to a large group of BRAND-NEW resellers and deliver a “high-impact” introduction over these two days. You’ll have unfettered access to them at registration and breakfast, at every break, during lunch and after hours. They won’t be hiding behind e-mail and voice mail and will be OUT OF THEIR OFFICE, so you won’t have to compete for their attention.

#2. We ENCOURAGE our sponsors to piggyback on our event, essentially having their own mini “roadshow” without all the logistics and costs. To that end, we are very willing to work with you to maximize your ROI by giving you free tickets to invite known prospects in each market area in an effort to get a meeting with them, invite them to breakfast, a lab you’re holding or a special after-hours event. We also allow you to invite (for free) your “raving-fan” clients who can be champions for you to the other people at the event. Just contact us and we’ll work with you on creating the perfect strategy for you.

“Watch This Video To See What Sponsors Are Saying About Our Events”

Here’s What Our Past Sponsors Have To Say About Our Events

“We’ve Never Had A Bad Show With Robin, And Our ROI Is Always Astounding”

“Robin Robins’ events are our favorite events time and time again. The quality of the leads here is terrific and the people that Robin puts us in front of are precisely the kind of people we want to partner with. The attendees at Robin’s events are extremely serious about growing their business and invest copious amounts of time and energy to be here. Technology Marketing Toolkit events are designed to let the attendees meet and speak with the sponsors, and many spend quite a bit of time talking with us and about us. This group is a great referral source. We’ve never had a bad show with Robin, and our ROI is always astounding. Since starting with Robin, we’ve grown to almost triple our original size.”

Mark Winter RapidFire Tools October 31, 2017

“We Look Forward To Continuing Our Strong Partnership With Robin”

“The Robin Robins Cyber Security Roadshow was a great sponsorship opportunity for Microsoft to meet with both existing and new partners. We were given lots of opportunities to connect with partners throughout the 1½ days, and the logistics were incredibly simple and well-managed. The partners in attendance were keen to chat and learn more about Microsoft Cloud Solutions. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with Robin and team.”

Ginny Hoban Microsoft October 31, 2017

Rob Rae

“Within Robin’s Group Alone, We’ve Seen About 400% Growth in The Last 2 Years”

“We spend the time and the money that we do in sponsoring Robin’s programs and events because we found that the partners who come from Robin are more successful than those who don’t and are growing faster than your average MSP. We have seen a significant growth in the number of partners we have been able to recruit from Robin’s group, and the success with those actual partners has been phenomenal. Through her events alone, we’ve seen about a 400% growth in the last two years in the number of customers we’ve been able to acquire, and a number of MSPs have become partners; and those partners who are trained on marketing by Robin deliver a 200% higher sales rate than our ‘average’ partner acquired somewhere else. So if you’re a vendor and you’re actually interested in looking at a place to spend your money, you can’t go wrong by sponsoring one of Robin’s events. It’s been one of our highest ROIs, often paying for itself in new partners and contracts before I leave the event.”

Rob Rae Datto October 31, 2017

“Robin Identified The Need And Opportunity Security Services Represented For MSPs”

“The success of Robin’s events over the years has been in part due to her ability to see leading industry trends and help MSPs understand them and market them successfully. There is no better example of this than the Cyber Security Marketing Roadshow. Again Robin identified the need and opportunity security services represented for MSPs, and delivered with the Roadshow. As a company dedicated to delivering password security solutions to MSPs, the fit for us was obvious. What wasn’t obvious, until we attended as a sponsor, was the focus on security by the MSPs who attended, which made it an outstanding and educational event for us and the partners who joined Passportal.”

Colin Knox Passportal October 31, 2017

“Working With Robin Robins Has Really Grown Our Presence In The MSP Community”

“We have been doing Robin Robins’ Producers Club and Boot Camps for about two years now and of all the shows we do, and we do a ton of shows every year, they are by far our favorites. They give us a chance to talk to a lot of MSP partners who are very, very serious about growing their businesses and the technologies they use to manage their practices. This has really allowed us to grow our presence since we have become involved with Robin Robins. For anyone looking to grow their customer base in that market, Robin Robins is someone I would highly recommend working with.”

Gary Owen Webroot October 31, 2017