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5 List Management Tips That Will Make Your Marketing And Your Business More Valuable

Last week I revealed to you that the secret to above-average results in your business is the care, development and management of your list (click here if you missed it). Now that you know the secret and you’ve had some time to think about it, you’re probably wondering what you can do to make your list a true asset.

Here’s a quick list of disciplines for list management that you might post up somewhere as a reminder to you and your marketing team:

    1. GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE STAYS. Someone needs to own the cleaning, updating and segmenting of every new lead that comes into your organization. This is especially true if you’re doing a lot of marketing and generating any significant number of leads. Otherwise your list will be full of duplicates, spam, not-right-fit prospects and other useless contacts, giving you false numbers, slowing down your sales team and clogging up all marketing efforts.

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This Is The Single Most Valuable And Important Marketing Asset In Your Organization

Hearken unto me as I reveal THE secret shared by highly successful marketers, sales professionals and industry leaders that is completely missed by the masses. This IS the difference between businesses that enjoy above-average results and return in their marketing and the vast mediocre majority. What is it?

They are obsessed with the care, development and management of their LIST.

Without a doubt, your list is the single biggest asset to you as a salesperson, marketer or CEO. If you were to sell your company, what is the buyer REALLY buying? Your software licenses? Your employees? Your office furniture? Nope. They’re buying your CUSTOMERS, which is another way of saying your “list.” The more productive a relationship you have with your list – specifically, how responsive they are to you – the easier, more lucrative, more stable your business becomes.

But is YOUR list an actual asset?

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